How to make Chilli Potato | Recipe 2023

Chilli Potato

Chilli -Potato is a very famous starter Dish among the children & Youngster now a days . It is an mixed dish of india & Chinese fusion which is most common dish in Indian restaurants now a days . It is very famous in the young age group of because of its crispy taste with the vegetables i.e potato , carrot , capsicum , onion , cabbage etc. It is just like the favorite restaurant dish , which can be prepared at home also . I will share the Simple Recipe of Chilli-Potato at home for your children . If you prepare at home it will be healthy by using good cooikg oil & vegetables etc .

Honey Chilli Potato

Honey chilli -potato is the another type of potato dish , it is sweat in taste because of Honey added to the potato . Few one’s also like this because some people eat less chilli so that they eat Honey potato , it is very good in taste and health because of Honey .

honey chilli potato

Chilli Potato Recipe :

Honey Chilli Potato Recipe :

Ingredients :

  1. or 2 Potato

one Onion Long Chopped

One or 2 Green chilli & Garlic cloves

Chilli Sauce

1 cup Flour (Maida)

Cooking Oil

Chopped Carrot & Cabbage

Sliced Capsicum  

Honey (Optional )

Salt for taste

How to make chilli potato :

Step 1 :  Take the potato and wash them properly then Cut The Potatos , Add Maida Flour , salt & little of water and mix them well . Keep them a side for 15-20 minutes.

chilli potato recipe

Step 2 : Take the cooking oil in a Pan , Add the Potatos into it & fry them until become brownish & Crispy . Now take out from the pan.

Step 3 : Now in a another pan take 2 tsp of cooking oil add garlic cloves , green chilli & onion in it till becomes brownish , now add capsicum , carrot & cabbage in it and add salt for taste and some spices . Now wait for 5 minutes for the gravy to be ready .

Step 4 :  Now add some Red chilli Sauce in it and mix well , after few minutes add the fried potatos in it and mix well so that gravy will mix well with the potato .

Step 5 :  It is optional if you want to prepare the Honey potato then add some Honey in it .

Step : 6  Now serve the hot & garnish with coriander leaves or Green leaves of Onion.

honey chilli potato recipe

Now Enjoy the Hot Chilli- Potato and the Honey Chilli- Potato

You Can have them with white mayonnaise for the better taste as per your preference .

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