How to make Gajar ka Halwa at Home | Recipe 2023

Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa also known as Carrot ka halwa , It is a typical famous North Indian dessert made from fresh grated carrot , milk , ghee & sugar during winters . The gajar halwa is very tasty & delicious dessert is very famous during winters in the northern part of india among the all ages of people . You also see this dessert during marriages in winters , parties , buffets & at every local halwai shop near to you . In this post we will learn how to make gajar halwa at home in a traditional way in a very simple steps , so be ready to learn to make the tasty & delicious Dessert at home for your loved ones . Follow the simple steps below.

gajar ka halwa recipe in hindi

Gajar ka halwa recipe

gajar ka halwa ingredients

  • 1 kg of Fresh Carrots (Gazar )
  • 2 Cup of Full cream Milk
  • ½ Cup of Sugar ( as per taste )
  • 3-4 tsp of Ghee
  • ¼ cup of chopped nuts ( cashew , almonds & pistachios )
  • Half tsp Cardamom Powder
  • A pinch of Saffron

Gajar ka halwa kaise banta hai | How to make Gajar ka halwa |

gajar ka halwa kaise banta hai

  • Step  1 : Grate the Carrots .
    • Wash , Peel & Grate the carrots .
gajar ka halwa khane ke fayde

  • Step  2 : Cook the carrots :
    •  Take a Kadhai , add a 2 tsp of ghee to it
    • Now Add the grated carrots to the pan , keep stirring continuous to prevent them form sticking & also ensure it is cooked.
    • Cook the carrots for 15-20 minutes till it become soft & carrot should realese the water or moisture .
  • Step 3 : Add Milk
    • Once the carrot becomes soft then add milk to it and mix it well .
    • Cook the carrots in milk for 15-20 minutes over a medium flame heat .
  • Step 4 : Sugar
    • Now add sugar & continue to cook and mix properly , the sugar will release moisture , you have to mix & cook till it becomes thick  for 15 mintutes .
  • Step 5 :  Add Nuts
gajar ka halwa recipe with milk

  • Now add nuts ( cashew tukda , almonds tukda & pista ) into it with the saffron and cardamom powder , mix it well till it becomes more thick and glossy .
  • Step 6 : Serve
    • turn off the stove and Serve HOT in a plates .
  • Now enjoy the delicious & tasty dessert which is home made . I have given some tips for you for the tatse of Gajar halwa .
gajar ka halwa recipe

There are many types to make gajar ka-halwa

  • 1.    Traditional Method made with Milk
  • 2.    It can be made with the condensed milk
  • 3.    Gajar halwa made with khoya or mawa (made from milk )
  • 4.    Gajar halwa made with the help of milk powder .

Tips :

  • You can also add Koha into it .
  • It should be served hot and fresh , You can also refrigerate .
  • Carrots must be Red and fresh .

Gajar ka -Halwa Health Benefits

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