How to make a Perfect Gulab Jamun at home : 2023

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun are the soft , tasty & delicious balls they are soaked in Sugar Syrup & enjoy it . Well the Gulab translate to Rosa and Jamun translate to “ Jamun “ . Gulab-jamun are the most favourite Desset among the children & Adults also .  In the Marriages of North part of India , Gulab Jamun is the most loved dessert in the party , it can be served with thr rabri “Gulab-jamun rabri “ , & it is also eaten with the Ice cream “ Gulab jamun with Icecream “ . It is very famous during festivals in india like Deewali , Raksha bandhan & more festive seasons .

Gulab Jamun can be made from many ways but the most followed and traditional way to make the gulab-jamun is using Khoya i.e Milk solid as the ingredients . But khoya is not available at every place then so many people use milk powder to make the gulab-jamun . Lets make the Gulab-jamun at home by following the simple steps in a traditional way  , enjoy the dessert with your family and children & give it to your Friends so that they can also enjoy this fabolus Sweat Dessert .

Gulab jamun recipe

Gulab Jamun Ice Cream

Gulab Jamun Recipe

Ingredients :

For the Gulab-Jamun balls

A cup of Khoya (Mawa)

½ cup of Floor (Maida)

¼ tsp Baking Soda

Very Little Cardamom Powder

Ghee / Oil for Frying

Few Drops of Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

For Sugar Syrup :

Two cup of Sugar

2 Cup of Water

Saffron strands

Very Little Cardamom Powder

Few Drops of Gulab Jal (Rose Water)

How to make Gulab Jamun

Making Sugar Syrup :

gulab jamun ice cream

Add 2 Cup of Sugar , crushed 4 Green Cardamoms in a pan or pot .

Add 2 Cup of Water in it and stir it at a medium flame till sugar dissolve .

Boil the syrup till it becomes slightly sticky ( check it by your finger and thumb ) do it for 10 minutues

Make Gulab-Jamun Balls :

gulab jamun recipe

Now Measure 1 cup of Khoya , ½  or 1 cup of Maida and a pinch of baking soda , Now mix the mixture well .

You can also add Few drops of rose water & cardamom powder for flavour

Mix everything and make a soft and smooth dough , ( if dough is too dry then you can add 1 or 2 tsp of milk in it & keep it for 10 minutes .

Now shape the balls from the  dough , round shaped equal-sized portion and roll them , make sure there should be no cracks in the balls .

how to make gulab jamun

For Frying the balls :

In a another pan take the ghee or the cooking oil and heat the ghee at a medium – high flame .

When the oil or ghee is hot then add the balls into the pan slowly , keep them frying for few minutes till they became brown .

When the balls are fried very well then remove them from oil and drain any excess oil .

kwality walls gulab jamun ice cream

Soak in the sugar & serve :

Now add the Gulab-jamun balls into the warm sugar syrup .

Let them soak into syrup for 1-2 hrs so that they can absorb the syrup.

Remove from the syrup and garnish them with the Almonds , cashew and pista

Serve them Hot with Ice cream or Rabri . Enjoy the Gulab-Jamun Recipe at Home .

gulab jamun in english

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