How to Make Bhindi ki sabji at Home : 2023


Bhindi known as Lady finger or Okra , it is a vegetable that’s dish “Bhin di Masala “ is very popular in Northern part of India . It is a green vegetable which is also good for health as it is a low calories vegetable , rich in vitamin B6 & Folic acid .  Making of okra Masala or Ladyfinger ki sabji at home is very easy you can learn from the recipe given below . It’s sabji is very famous among the all the ages of group of people , it is dry dish , made with onion , tomato , and various spices available in the kitchen . It is very tasty when served with the Hot or warm Roti in a dinner or a lunch.

bhindi ki sabji

Bhindi Masala

Bhindi Recipe

How to make bhindi masala

Ingredients :

250gm of Okra ( Lady finger )

2-3 tsp of oil / ghee

2 tsp of cumin seeds


Spices :

Haldi ½ tsp

Garam masala ½ tsp

Red chilli powder ½ tsp

Coriander Powder ½ tsp

Two chopped Onions , green chilli  & tomatoes

Grated Ginger & Garlic


how to make lady finger |

Step 1 : Wash the Lady finger or okra & cut them finely into 1 inch pieces .

bhindi recipe

Step 2 : Take 2 tsp of Oil or Ghee in a pan , add cumin seed & wait for 2 minutes .

Step 3 : Add the sliced lady finger in it , sprinkle salt and spices like Haldi , Garam masala , red chilli powder & coriander powder over the it & stir well to mix it well

Step 4 : Now cook the ladyfinger for till become brownish and crispy on a medium flame for 15 minutes , but stir it continuously .

bhindi fry

Step 5 : Now in a another pan add 2 tsp of oil or ghee and cumin seeds to it .

Step 6 : Now add chopped onions and stir till becomes brownish

Step 7 : Now add Grated garlic , ginger and chopped green chillies and cook for 5 minutes .

Step 8 : Now add the Chopped tomatoes in it and mix it well and cook for 5 minutes till tomatoes become soft .

Step 9 : Now add salt and spices like garam masala , haldi , dhania powder and red chilli powder in it and mix it well the whole mixture. And cook for 5-10 minutes.

Step 10 : Now add the ladyfinger or okra to the pan with the masala gravy mix it well and stir continuous let them cook for 10 minutes on low-medium flame .

Step 11 : Now garnish them with the coriander leaves  .

Step 12 : Serve hot with the Hot Roti

masala bhindi

Bhindi ki sabji

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