Manchurian Recipe | Gobi Manchurian Recipe | Veg Manchurian Recipe 2023

Manchurian | Gobi Manchurian | Veg Manchurian

Gobi (Cabbage) Manchurian recipe or Veg Manchurian recipe , it is an Indo-chinese cuisine . A crispy & tasty popular Indian Manchurian cuisine comes in both gravy and dry version which is commonly served with the fried rice . I am a big fan of Gravy veg Manchurian with the Fried rice , it is too tasty & it is very famous among the children and it is very famous in the northern part of india .

It can be made with the paneer , which can be added with the gobi for the good taste and panner lovers also , this give best crispy taste to the Manchurian .In this post we will help you to learn the Veg / gobi Manchurian at home , You can learn this recipe in a very simple language and the images will also help you ti learn this recipe in a easiest way . So lets go the Recipe.

how to make manchurian at home

Manchurian recipe | Gobi Manchurian recipe | Veg Manchurian recipe

Ingredients :

For Vegetable Balls :-

Grated Mix vegetables ( Carrots , cabbage , bell peppers & beans )

1 Cup of Maida

1/4th cup of cornstarch

1 tsp garlic-ginger paste

1 tsp soya sauce

½ tsp Red chilli powder


Cooking oil for frying

For the Manchurian gravy :

2 tsp Oil

1tsp of Finely chopped garlic & ginger

¼ cup of Spring onions & Bell peppers (chopped)

½ cup of Soya sauce

1 tsp chilli sauce

1 tsp of vinegar & sugar

½ tsp of black pepper powder


2 cup of water

1 tsp of cornstarch mixed with water (for thickness)

How to make manchurian recipe

Step 1 :  Prepare the Vegetables Balls

  • Take a mixing bowl , combine all the vegetables , chopped onions , ginger garlic paste , soya sauce , salt , maida , red chilli powder , & cornstarch
  • Mix everything very well , if the mixture is dry you can add a little sprinkle of water then bind it together
  • Give the round shapes to them , according to your preference
gobi manchurian recipe

Step 2 :  Deep Fry all the Vegetables balls :-

  • Take a oil in a pan on medium-high flame on gas stove .
  • Once the oil is hot , slightly add the vegetables in it
  • Fry them till the balls becomes brownish , take them out and keep side to drain out the oil from the balls  .
manchurian recipe in hindi

Step 3 :  Prepare the Manchurian Gravy

  • In a seprate pan , take 2 tsp of cooking oil over a medium heat.
  • Add the chopped garlic and ginger to it , let them fry for 1-2 minutes
  • Now add the chopped spring onions , bell peppers & let them fry & stir it continuous for 2-3 minutes .

Step 4 :  Other Ingredients added

  • Now add the soya sauce , chilli sauce , sugar , vinegar , black pepper powder , salt and stir the mixture properly .
manchurian recipe

Step 5 : Now Add 2 cup of water in to the mixture and let them boil for 5 minutes & stir it continuous .

Step  6 :   In a small bowl mix the cornstarch and 2 tsp of water and make it thick slurry . now add this slurry to the sauce and stir continuous till it is cooked and become thick ( as per your need ) for few minutes

Step 7 : Now add the fried vegetables falls into that mixture in the pan and mix it slowly and properly

Step 8 : Now serve this with the mixed fried rice and garnish the Manchurian with the spring onions .


Note :  Serve Hot for the better taste and enjoy the home made hotel type Veg Manchurian at Home .

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