Ragi Idli : It is an Indian Steamed bread made with finger millet and urad dal , served with hot sambar and chutney .

Jowar and Peanut Upma : A nutritious dish prepared with veggies, mustard seeds, peanuts, and jowar.

Millet Porridge :  A nutritious and delectable millet, milk, and water breakfast alternative

Aloo Chana Chat : a nutritious salad with boiled potatoes, chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, and chutney

Millet Nargisi Kofta : a main Dish dish made of fried millet dumplings, eggs, and various spices

Ragi Ki Roti : an entree composed with fried millet dumplings, eggs, and other flavors

Wild Rice and Pearl millet mousse : A tasty and wholesome dish made with rice, pearl millet, and cream