Modak : Roast Cashew , raisins , poppy seeds , sugar , coconut & ghee . Blend them well and bind with date puree, Shape them into Modaks and store them in airtight jars .

Pista Phirni : Wash ¼ cup of rice and cook it in 2 cups of coconut milk on low flame . For Sweetness , add jaggery and garnish with pistachios and kesar strands

Panner Barfi : Make Paneer at home , Now add 1 tsp of cardamompowder and 4 tsp of honey to the paneer and combine they well . Refrigerate after layering the ingredients on a greased tray. Cut into shapes of barfi and garnish with nuts

Mawa Peda : To make Mawa Pedas , mix sugar free Mawa and stevia in a mixing bowl . add some crushed nuts and cardamom powder. Shape them into pedas and keep them in the refrigerator .

Amaranath Laddoo : Dry Roast 1 cup of amaranth seeds and let them cool down . for this add some ghee and half cup of jaggery puree and shape them into round ladoo