1. Lowers the chance of cancer • Paneer includes calcium and vitamin D. • Protein and sphingolipids fight cancer

2. creating stronger teeth and bones • Paneer's vitamin D content fortifies bones. • Calcium supports the nervous system's normal operation.

3. An important part of weight loss programs • Paneer contains a lot of fatty acids. • Low-carbohydrate diets and easily digested lipids promote weight reduction

4. Promotes the regular operation of the digestive system • Magnesium has laxative properties for the digestive system. • Phosphorous supports healthy gastrointestinal function.

5. The best food for diabetics • Paneer's magnesium content regulates blood sugar levels • Paneer is the ideal food for diabetics because it contains less carbohydrates.

6. enhancing one's immune system • Advances the manufacturing of hemoglobin • Treats and prevents respiratory conditions

7. Paneer shields you from disease and prevents it. • Beneficial for ladies experiencing menopausal cramps • Zinc supports sperm count stability.