Ragi Recipes Delicious : Known as Finger Millet , It is a gluten free whole grain and a power house of nutrients . we can make variet of Dishes from Ragi !! Here is a crucial list of Dishes

Ragi Dosa : Crispy and flavourful , Ragi dosa is a south Indian favourite & it is gluten free

Ragi Roti : It is flatbread that can be eaten instead of whole wheat roti & make the whole meal nutritious.

Ragi Idli ; These are the steamed cakes combine ragi flour with rice or urad dal offering a nutritious breakfast.

Ragi Upma : A twist on the classic upma , this dish blends ragi flour with semolina or other grains to create a nutritious breakfast .

Ragi Ludoo : These nutty , sweat balls combine ragi flour with jaggery , ghee & offering a gluten free snack option .

Ragi Kheer : a creamy dessert made  by cooking ragi flour with ghee , sugar and milk served with saffron.

Ragi Halwa : A rich sweat pudding made by cooking ragi flour with ghee , sugar and milk and served with garnish saffron