Rudraksha Rakhi : According to legend, the auspicious Rudraksha was created from Lord Shiva's teardrop. It is a supernatural source of good fortune, wealth, health, and financial success. It can provide benefits, regulate the body and calm the mind of the brother when worn as a Rakhi with the holy thread.

Golden Rakhi : As one of the most precious metals, gold is linked to passion, love, bravery, and elegance. Golden Rakhi, when worn as a Rakhi decorated with auspicious strands, is a representation of wealth, joy, and prosperity.

Evil Eye Rakhi : The protection made against evil eye is also known as the evil eye. The blue evil eye is thought to be a curse that can lead to misfortune and harm. In essence, an evil eye Rakhi is given to a brother to keep him safe from any evil spirits and terrible omens.

Silver Rakhi : The precious metal that represents prosperity and riches is silver. Due to this, the silver metal is also regarded as being elegant, graceful, modern, and decent. When this metal is fashioned into a Rakhi, it acquires some favorable qualities like luck and feelings.

Pearl Rakhi : The majority of people use pearl-based decorations while sending their best wishes to others. There are numerous pearl rakhis available today, which stand for happiness and luck.

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