Turmeric ( Haldi ) : Haldi is very common in indian houses as it contains anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties . If haldi is consumed regularly , either in Dishes or as haldi doodh or in any way then it will lead to the Healthy Heart .

Garlic : Garlic helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the level of cholesterol level in the body . If Garlic is consumed regularly in your meal then it will contribute to the good healthy heart .

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) : Amla is very rich in Vitamin c & antioxidants . It helps in lower cholesterol level , reduce oxidative stress and improve the Heart function .

Yoga & Meditation : Yoga and meditation helps to reduce the stress & anxiety . Yoga poses like “ Surya Namaskar “ and Meditation techniques will surely helps to manintain the good healthy heart .

Triphala : It is an ayurvedic Herbal medicine that is made from three fruits i.e amla , bibhitaki & haritaki . It helps to aid digestion & detoxification that leads to reduce the risk of Heart issues and maintain healthy heart .